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Monday, November 26, 2007

Gone gone gone...

All the patterns are now gone! Yipee!

I've spent mostly all my time on Ravelry lately, so I haven't blogged at all. I love that site, it's so addicting it's not even funny.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ok, Patterns For Sale or Swap UPDATED!!!

I updated this list. This is what's left of the patterns that I have. I'm open to swaps, or feel free to make some offer on them.

The prices on there are NOT the prices I'd sell for, please, make me an offer. I just put them on there to give an idea of what they retail for.

Anyway, sorry no pictures, but that would be incredibly taxing... (scroll down for the list)

If you're interested, email me.

Here's the list:

companypattern nameprice pattern #description

Ann NorlingAdult Basic Knitted Vest$3.00 27
Ann NorlingAdult Big Hat$3.00 18rolled edge hat
Ann NorlingCheckerboard Shell$3.00 43
Ann NorlingPatchwork Vest$3.00 25
Ann NorlingScrap Vest$3.50 1
Ann NorlingThe Ultimate Cover Up$3.00 637 styles and many gauges
Ann NorlingTop-Down Poncho$3.00 62
Dolce HandknitsPort Fairy$5.50 WPFI-0507sumptuous cabled cardigan (looks like bulky braids)
Fiber TrendsBasic Beret$3.96 AC-3
Fiber TrendsBella$5.50 S-2013asymmetrical lace garment w/ look of shawl, wears like poncho
Fiber TrendsChained Melody$4.50 456xVest with "chains"
Fiber TrendsEvening Shrug$3.96 AC-26
Fiber TrendsFelt Vest$4.50 401xfelted vest
Fiber TrendsTop-Down Mock Faroese Lace Shawl$4.50 110LCLily Chen Collection (to knit or crochet)
Fiber TrendsVersatility Vest$5.00 LL484
Frog TreeAlpaca Pullover$4.50
pullover sweater with square patterns
Frog TreeAlpaca Cardigan$4.50

Maddy LaineChenille Squared$4.26 ML074tunic styling chenille sweater
Maddy LaineCuddly Cardy$4.00 ML049
Maddy LaineChunky Knit Jacket$4.00 ML081
Plymouth YarnLadies Diamond Pullover$3.00 P333drop sleeve diamond patterned solid color sweater
Plymouth YarnLadies Jacket$3.00 P328ladies jacket with chinese collar
Plymouth YarnPullover$3.50 NO17strange pullover with open holes down the sleeves
Plymouth YarnTwisted Caplet and Ruffled Poncho$3.00 S428with rosettes
Plymouth YarnVEST Filati Bertagna Miraggi$2.99 FB21
Plymouth YarnRimini Rainbow Vest Inc. Plus Size$2.99 SO49
Rowan R2Nip & Pin$3.50
poncho thing in pinkish paper and red rag
Rowan R2Sigh & Stitch$3.50
caplet in blue paper and blue print rag
Vermont Fiber DesignsCable and Garter Stitch Turtleneck$5.00 116kind of more a mock turtleneck with garters running down (xs - 5x women sizes)
Vermont Fiber DesignsWavy Cable Rollneck Pullover$5.00 123the pattern kind of looks like chunky braids (xxs - 5x unisex sizes)
Vermont Fiber DesignsCable and Wide Rib Rollneck Pullover$5.00 121
MariRibbed Packet Pullover for Men & Women$4.50 MS115MEN
MariCheckered Placket Pullover$4.50 MS127MEN
Kristmen's Design StudioRed Rocks$4.50
MEN - pullover sweater with cables
Kristmen's Design StudioFlying Geese$4.50
MEN - button front vest
Kristmen's Design StudioHickory Hollow$4.50
MEN - v-neck cardigan sweater
MEN - textured pullover

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wow! Where does the time go?

So wow, it's been a while since I posted! Since the last post I've made 3 pairs of socks and a sweater. Ok, I'm lying. I didn't finish the sweater... I need to seam it. But I have no idea how to do this, so until I figure it out, it will sit in pieces...

I'll need to take some pictures of the socks! Oh! I also made a really gorgeous willie warmer for my friend Mike. He said that he gets cold when running in the early morning during the winter. So I went to my lys and got some really soft cashmere/silk/merino yarn and knitted one up for him. He asked if I needed to take measurements. ha ha. I just guessed, and altered the "hose part" with ribbing so that it would be more stretchy.

I didn't get a picture of that either.

Hmmm... Oh yeah!!! I made a gorgeous skirt for my friend Fritzie out of cotton ribbon yarn that I bought at Stitches West from one of those bargain bins. Enough to make a t-length skirt and it only cost me like $20!!!! I wish I had taken a picture of that skirt. She hasn't worn it since I gave it to her because she gained about 15 lbs. So now we're on a diet and I can't wait till she wears it and I can get a picture of it!!!

Really, now, I think that's all I've knitted since the last post... Pictures next time, hopefully!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crazy amounts of PATTERNS!!!

So... if anyone needs a pattern, I probably have it! I bought three binders of patterns from a woman. I went through them and pulled out anything I thought Jodes would like and anything my SIL and brother's MIL would like. And now I'm down to two binders full of patterns that I will never knit.

here is a list of some of them. If you are interested, make me an offer. I'll put the retail amount if I know it, but I'll go pretty cheap if you buy a bunch. Shipping will be of your choosing, and you pay for that.

If you are not sure what pattern you want, but have an idea of what it looks like, let me know and I'll look through them and make some suggestions.

Here we go...

Leisure Arts - Kaleidoscope Kids (10.95)
Leisure Arts - Disney Mickey and Minnie Sweaters (8.50)
Leisure Arts - Kool Kids (8.50)
Leisure Arts - Strawberry Shortcake Knit Sweaters (5.99)

Shawl patterns by Plymouth Yarns (3.00-4.00 ea)
Sweaters by Vermont Fiber Designs (4.50 - 5.00 ea)
Sweaters by Frog Tree Alpacas (4.50-5.00 ea)
Sweaters, Shells, etc by Oat Couture (3.50 - 4.50 ea)
Sweaters for Men by Mari (4.50 ea)
Women sweaters by Dolce Knits (5.50 ea)
Tons of Ann Norling
Tons of Fiber Trends
Lots of patterns for bags by

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

oooh, gotta love this yarn!

something my brother and his wife gave me for... um, i think it was my birthday.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OOOPS! Check the labels first!

Sooooo... Ok... Here's the deal: ALWAYS CHECK THE LABEL BEFORE FELTING!

I made this pair of felted clogs. I thought "ah... Silk Garden (Noro) is used in the felted Booga Bag. It must felt."

I was sooooo wrong!!!

As you can see...
The bottom and cuff (using Cascade 220) felted quite nicely. Unfortunately, the rest of the clog did not.

Here's another picture:

What a waste of Noro Silk Garden.

I think my friend Jodi is going to make something out of them... I'll post pictures if she manages to make something cool!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Another knit from my past

Here's a sad one. I made this shirt out of linen yarn. Then I washed it, thinking, "oh, it will make it softer!" Well, it did make it softer. But it biased the heck out of it. sigh... Live and learn, right?